Lessons from the Ancients

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Channeling at Clearly Destiny 1/7/15

Violet flame mandala

Chaos is pushing forward and trying its last final frontier and trying to make others bow down to its powers so that they won’t rise into their light and their strength. Know that they will try on all fronts to break the boundaries and backs of those who have worked so hard to become the lights they have become.  But what you must remember is that they are frightened of you, and what you do; that you will bring balance into this world in a way that they do not understand.  For the darkness can never understand the light but the light can understand the darkness.  Everything should be in balance and equal but the darkness wants to take over and envelop and destroy.  The light wants to be in balance so that the world flows and moves and sits in a way that is needed.

The emotions arising now have not been cleared by many people and they will rise higher and higher over the next few days making you feel inadequate and unavailable to the world.  Know that the violet flame, used many times by many masters, is available to you and that certain archangels are stepping forward to help in this circle, also the many people who will come here so that they are cleansed and cleared of anything that is being held around them.  You merely have to release and let go and allow them to do their work.  Allow them to clear out the darkness, to allow you to breath to see their great light that is shining through you.

Always grow your light and allow that spark that is within you to grow and envelop you and this in itself will protect you from that which is coming.  For it is not something that is more powerful,  it just knows how to make you feel inadequate and because of this inadequacy it continues to push for it believes that if pushes enough you will crumple and fall.  What you must realise is that if you had not experienced the inadequacy you would not be able to fly like the eagles that you are.  You have wings of gossamer and fly on the air of the breeze like the angels themselves and that any sort of confrontation is just another way of trying to stop you doing your wonderful work.  So when you are faced by those of the dark and chaos trying to push your buttons, just take a deep breath, look at them and say, ‘You are not worth stepping off my path for.’ and walk away.