Lessons from the Ancients

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Message before the shift


Dear Ones

On the eve of the great awakening of mankind those of you who have not yet cleared yourself of your greatest darkness must allow the Divine to take it from you either in meditation or during your sleep time.

You cannot expect to make a great leap if you are weighed down by the weight of heavy energy and darkness.

You cannot expect to help those who are going through the transit you made years ago if you yourself are looking at it from a I’ve done that why do I have to help them view.

You agreed before incarnating to do this at this time.

You agreed to connect the cosmic energy flowing over the earth at this time to the earth and its inhabitants in the way that you allowed yourself to be capable due to your level of vibration in the spirit world.

You must step forward and help or stand aside and be left behind for to much will need to be done for those who claim to be capable of helping to be carried by those who can.

We have talked many times of what is coming and now the time is here. The Christ energy is not merely knocking at your door it is sitting at your table and helping you to prepare a table for the divine feminine energy to enter your life.

The feelings you have at this moment in time will increase if you fight the change.

Many of you who have not learned the repeat lessons brought into your life will be pushed to the back as you will be in to weak a place to be supported by those who need to press forward.

We are not saying that you cannot help, but if you do not do the work we can no longer carry you in the way you always expect as you have been told to do certain things and you have refused to heed the words we have spoken. So you must experience what it is like for us to abandon you for a while to your own devices. The Divine will still support you but we cannot fully engage with you for you have caused this block yourself by not doing that which has been asked of you.

Many will say this feeling of abandonment is the end of the world, but we say to you this is merely a lesson to teach you to heed our words and get the work done.

We can no longer deal in fluff for to much harshness needs to be cleared in the coming days.

We can no longer dance around on egg shells while you blame everyone but yourself for your problems.

The time to clear is in the next 48 hours.

Do the work and follow the guidance and you will be less likely to suffer the consequences of your lack of faith.

Then you can help those who will need your help and are more than ready to have you help to remove their pain.

Stand in the light

Breathe in the light

Allow the flames to create more light in you and others.

The moon energy will be stronger than you can possible imagine. Stand between the energies but do not take them on.

Stand in your grounded state but do not take the energies on. For these energies are primarily for the earth and her ascension and not for you. She will be the one changing you and your vibration to come with her to the next level.

Allow the flow

Allow the light

Allow others anger and fear to flow over you like a breeze of air

Know all will be well if you allow this flow rather than its absorption for the energy coming in now will dislodge darkness that many of you have never experienced even in other lives and existences.

Clear and cleanse yourselves.

Ground and protect.

Know your faith will save you from your own dark self.

Be well!


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Message of the Moment


My darling children

The energy that has been foretold for the end of September 2015 has by the work of healers helping the planet called Gaia to bring forward the expected surge from the universe in a more manageable form. Thought this energy will still be very intense and many of you who are sensitive to this sort of energy due to the molecular structure of your DNA that is attuned to these universal energetic changes have felt its impending arrival, we assure you that this surge is more of a constant flow rather than the sudden energetic wave that was expected later in the month

Know that we of the Legion of Light are working with all beings who serve the light and wish for the one called Gaia to ascend to the fifth dimension more easily that had been predicted by certain individuals who were only privy to part of the overall message.

The ascension into the fourth dimension is underway and many people will be leaving to pave the way into the fifth so that the planet is more in align with the coming energies. However, know that there will be those who cannot deal with the incoming energies and they will, as you have been warned before, still act in a way that is out of fear.

The current migration crisis is one such thing as this. While the physical people enact the violence of their inner fears those who are escaping are also enacting energies that have been held by the earth for many centuries and are being used to release these energies. Many have volunteered themselves to complete this task and will leave this earth doing this, but many will return in other bodies to complete these tasks they had originally agreed to do, but have side stepped so to speak due to the changes in energies that have been experienced.

These energies will cause a mania that is not uncommon with mental health suffering individual of a paranoid schizophrenia model. They will see what is not there and hear voices that come out of thin are. Those of you who have experienced this already and have come to terms will be called to help them understand what is happening.

There will also be more cases of people attracting spirits and entities that will be trapped in their auras and those of you with the knowhow will need to clear these for them, and teach them how to prevent this happening again.

As always we ask that you respect the need for the individual to take responsibility for themselves and their path and only in life threatening situations remove that which is causing the problem.

We also ask that those who have thought about setting up centres of spiritual learning in their own towns look to doing this, not in the old way of earning money but in ensuring that people have somewhere to go to learn about the energies they are dealing with and the ways they can move into a new way of understanding and existing.

We also ask that you ensure you are paid for your services in a way that equals the work you have done for all is about balance at this time, and even more so in the future for the time of the darkness trying to constantly tip the balance in its favour is at hand and will require all those who serve the light to stand in their power and help mankind to move with the energies of Gaia.

This who oppose will be left behind and those who try pretence of their service will be uncovered and sent away to a place with others of this kind. For only those of a certain vibration will be able to work in the future, and those who do not possess this will be removed especially if they fake it. Those who chase the almighty dollar rather than payment of worth will be brought down and those who do not charge enough will be exalted.

Know this is coming so be prepared and serve as you have been asked rather than as you have followed in the past.

The light needs the light. The dark will use itself to bring you down.

Know this and be vigilant!

Be love!