Lessons from the Ancients

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Message of the Moment

AA Arachkiel

(Picture by Edwin Courtenay – http://www.ipssissimus.co.uk)

My Darling children

Over the next few days strange energies will be bombarding the earth hell bent on disrupting the equilibrium of the current processes in place. This has been foreseen by us and will be addressed over the coming days but we ask you to stay strong.

The energetic beings known as the Elementals ask that you ground yourself within their domain and use their energy to stop yourselves floating way with the current of energy that would have you act out of character.

We the Seraphim ask that you stay strong in the coming onslaught and cover yourself in a mantle of the Highest Angelic energies that are flowing from the words being taken down by this medium.

Stand tall. For the energies riding on the back of these current energy waves would wish to disarm you with their intensity. Know that this is just a front and they are using the true nature of this energy to throw you off kilter and into a tail spin of negative energy.

See yourselves as the Beings of Light that your truly are. For you are so close to the first step into the light of a new beginning that has been foretold for so many lifetimes by us.

Know that we the Seraphim ask that you allow yourselves to breath out the stress and anger that will be raising itself within you as these energies bombard the earth with their seeming overwhelming power.

Stay in the power of the Divine. Anchor yourself to your inner knowing that the Light is stronger and that it can bring the world into balance very easily. For the Darkness would have you believe that it can tip the balance to the point of never returning to a way of the middle way.

We the Seraphim ask you to be strong and to stand in your power. Many will be seeking you out after this wave has subsided and you will need to be ready. The Darkness has used every known means to throw you off your path and let you believe that you are not capable of bringing the light into the world that you have and are at this moment in time.

We ask you bringer s of light to allow this to flow through you and into the world at this time. Allow the angelic realm to join its energy to you and send though you protection and support for all who need it during this onslaught.

Know that as always we ask you to ensure it is us who are joining with you and not a being of ulterior motives.

If it does not feel right it is not right!

Know we stand behind you every step of the way and if asked will stand before you and around you to dissipate the energies throwing you off balance.

We are the Way the Truth and the Light! should be your battle cry in the coming days ahead.

Know this to be true and in Christ’s energy and love you will walk always.


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Message of the Moment


Dear Ones

We speak today of the dire need for compassion from the human race for each other. In the coming days various disasters will require the companionate nature of the human race to break forward and help these less fortunate than themselves.

We will not go into detail of the coming events but surface to say they will be on all boarders and in all forms and will test you to the very core of your being wither as a viewer or a participant. Know that we do not do this lightly but that you are required to go through these experiences to ensure the rising of the ape from the single celled being to the angel.

You are the chosen ones who have stepped forward to help humanity take the leap that has been foretold since the beginning of linear time and man could speak. You are the ones today called Light workers built were once known as the Shinning ones, or Beings of light, for names change but intension does not.

Know we call you forward to stand in your power and light now so that the world can become a better place against the onslaught of darkness that will ensure in the coming days for it has awakened to a point where it wishes to see if you are up for the challenge.

We know that in the core of your being resides a knowing that will guide you to the best answers as these days proceed and that you know yourselves that the darkness is an illusion. That the light always prevails, but in the moment of darkness enveloping you it feels as if it is not so.

Shine you light and allow others to be lighted by it. Allow the burning embers of your very soul ignite with the new fuel of the Divine calling your name and sending forth its tree of life for you to use as a means to an end. Do not imagine that this fuel will run out wither for it to is eternal and will be there and generate until the end of days.

Know that you are the wayshowers, the waytakers and the pathfinders of this arising world and those who are lost in the darkness need your light to find their way to the light and their own. For this will be the answers in the days ahead. That light begets light and darkness gathers together to shut out the light. Know the wall of darkness is an illusion, as has been said before, but also that the darkness will always make you believe that you will never again see or feel the light. But know that night follows day and darkness follows light, and vice versa.

You are the light believe this and show others the way.

You are the carriers of the light of the Divine believe this and show others the way.

You are the foot soldiers of the Divine stand in your light and use it to break apart the hold the darkness has on others

Believe you are more than you are and you will become that which you have always been.

Be well.