Lessons from the Ancients

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Message of the Moment

Dear Ones

Despite the many disasters, as you lord shivacall them, we are causing the energies displaced to be renewed and regenerated so that the Earth Mother can clear herself of all that has built up from the times of mankind.

Those of you who are Lightworkers are feeling as if you are in a vortex of energy. Know that this is the process we need you to be a part of so that our energies can be injected into the earth and used to raise the vibration back to as it was before these events happened.

Know to that many groups around the world are aiding with the moving on of souls to the Light and helping those families of the passed to move forward with their lives and centre on the events at hand. We do not mean to make this sound unemotional but when a disaster strikes such as this the participant need to centre on the event and needs of the issues at hand and not fall into the energies of sorrow and remorse. There is always time for these energies to be dealt with and processed with our help and the help of others who can always make time for this process one the earthy events have been dealt with and the body is safe again.

However, we ask now that the world and its beings centre on the sorting out of the worlds of the living and how they can be catered for in the coming months. For as with all emotional losses and events the people who are left behind in the wave of the physical aftermath are those that need caring for.

As the Master said ‘Leave the dead to the dead and the living to the living’ and in this case we ask that you seek to support all involved with this disaster and allow them to be helped to understand that this event has happened and now they must move forward physically into another place so that they can be safe and live their lives in another way.

When countries are devastated by disaster and war it is often due to energies that the people have refused to deplete or address. Many chances are given by the unseen world for them to dissolve and deal with these energies but many fail to do so as they prefer to stick their heads in the proverbial sand. This cannot continue for the earth Mother is awakening and as a boil needs to be lanced those among you with the capabilities must release the energies of the planet so that these disasters are reduced in magnitude.

This was a warning that the work of release for all beings to begin in earnest. That the planet needs to release the pent up energies she has held for so long due to the practice of sending energy into the Earth. Those who are carrying out this work are often Warriors of Light who have incarnated at this time to help with this dissipation and groups that wish to learn how to do this work for help with their planet and its future changes when they return home.

Know that this work cannot be carried out by those who are of a gentle nature but by the warrior spirit of the unseen world. They are the holders of the flames and light of the Divine that pierces into the flesh of the earth and lances the infected area to allow the release of the infection of energy caused by the practice of sending negative and dark released energies into her.

Thought this was once a relevant practice due to the healing flames of the Magdalene, Violet and threefold flames not being available to mankind that time is passed and those among you who are still using this method need to upgrade your skills with those who possess the ability to initiate you in these flames.

Ones received these flames can be used to clear the escaping energy and transmute it into ins polar opposite allowing more light to be taken in by the Earth Mother when groups send the Divine energy through themselves and anchor them into the earth.

The Archangels and Ascended masters who are patrons of these flames are now stepping forward at this time aided by the Deities who are supporting the transition of the Earth from dark to light. Know that these deities are well known to all and come in various guises, so if you feel certain energies of one is similar to another do not be stressed for this is just the form they wish to take to bring with them a lesson you need to be aware of

Prevention is better than cure with the shifting surface of the earth. Realise at the right time prevents greater ripples and explosions down the line.

This of you who work with the releasing of spirit we ask that you ensure you are not overworking yourself to aid those who have passed, but ensure you pace yourself and allow the spirits to be released at set times during the day when you would normally work. This will allow your body to understand that this is a new area of your work and you will be prepared for it rather than leaping in when others are calling for help. For as you deal with physical problems so must you deal with spirit. For it is the same just different energies in their manifestation.

Know that you are no use to us depleted. You must take care of yourselves so that we can all work together at our optimum capacity so that the world progresses in a more manageable level rather than through explosions that could have been avoided./

So my dear ones be rested, be sensible, and know that you are God.

Lord Shiva


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Message of the Moment

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Dear Ones

Many of you will be facing challenges that push your buttons. From people who invade your space to those who believe they can tell you how to live our life. From physical threats to emotional aggression, know that in all these events the Elohim are with you always guiding always watching always protecting.

For you are now entering a time and space that those who will not change will be left behind and those who cannot change will be wiped from the Earth.

Do not judge us harshly for these beings have been warned of this time by signs and portents they have chosen to ignore and will be given one final chance this year to change their ways. To have a final fling as it were to ensure they are getting the message.

For next year the work begins in earnest. The beings of light will begin to drawn close and those who are unable to accept their present will be set to the side as it were and asked by their higher self to leave this plane and go to another.

Know that those of you who feel you are unable to keep the light within your being will be shown that you are always of the light. You have merely covered it with the smog of the world. Therefore hear us as we tell you how to clear this smog and move forward into the light removing all obstacles and lower beings from your light.

Breathe the air around you and feel the consistency of it. Within it sits the Divine energy of cleansing and clearing.

Allow your outbreath to take away all the stress that has accumulated within you due to others action s and know that you are repelling any further interference by taking in this cleansing breath from now on.

Keep repeating this visualisation until you feel your energy or mood shift into a light more joyful space and feel our wings around you. Feel us transmuting the energies around and within you. Feel us taking away the stagnation that has been holding you back. Feel the energy of the earth raising your vibration as she raises you.

Know you are a being of light and have the breath of God flowing through your nostrils and that those around you who are of a lower nature have failed to allow theirs to rise above a certain level of engagement.

Breathe again and see them wrapped in the energy of the Divine and see how they react. Know that as they react they will either stay and do the work or go and leave your energy space. Let them take with them what is theirs and take back what is yours. Know that all is as it was before you met in whichever lifetime this process started and wish them well.

Breathe again and see your light grow and join with the Divines light. See the Shekinah’s energy flow around you like a mist and clear what is left of the residue.

Breath one last time and allow the earth mother to pull you into her endless arms and cradle you as she does all her children. Be at peace. Know all is in accord with the highest good and let the Divine plan play out.

We will tell you what needs to be done when the time is right by messages and portents you will not be able to ignore.

We are the Elohim. Be well.

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Message of the Moment


My darling ones

Do not be fooled by the date that we are not speaking to you on serious matters that will affect the human race for years to come.

The current energies bombarding your earth are designed to put off the great energetic work that has been completed by so many of you and will continue to be completed by you over the next few years.

Do not allow the excessive energies to put you into a state of fear for those of you who have done the work clearing and centring yourselves in the Divine light will be feeling as if the world is closing in on you and in reaction will be raising you energies to clear the bombardment around you causing various hyperactivity symptoms.

Drink water and ground in the fifth dimension of Gaia’s to relieve these symptoms as this will allow your body to process the excessive generation of energies that you are required to allow while this bombardment occurs. Know that this will not be alleviated soon and many of you will still be unable to sleep properly as your body goes through the tri state sleep or awakens you in a state of hyper awareness.

This is a natural process to allow your physical and light body to interact so that one does not overload the other, or causes you to become mentally ill by the thoughts and images that will soon be presented in your minds. Know that these are not images that are set in stone, as all futures can be rewritten if enough people set their intension to removing the negativity from the worlds that is causing the disharmonious feeling in sensitive individuals bodies.

Know that you as the forerunners of this energy shift have experienced this energy over and over on other planets in many other lives and though will feel out of sorts has a familiarity to it that you know can be combatted by allowing the flames and rays of the Divine to transmute and transform the energetic impulses of the bombardment you are not experiencing.

The crystal grids of the planet is awakening more fully, and requires more individuals to step forward and help the pathways of the energy streams of her meridians to flow freely between the very synapses of the planet. Know that those of you who are energy workers and clear these pathways in human bodies you can as also use this ability to clear these pathways for the planet. Know that you are as strong as you imagine and more. For we would not call on those of a fearful nature to carry out these tasks, for this mission is too precious. You have the innate ability to stand where others fall and to press forward where others run away.

Be still and know that you are God

We of the Angelic Accord know that you have worried for many years that when you are called upon to carry out the very task that you agreed in the other worlds that you would not be up to the task. Know this that you are. Know that your light is the very reason we chose you. Know that your abilities were why you were recruited for this mission.

We the Beings of Light ask now that you stand strong and be with us. Know that you are not the forerunners anymore by the main task force that has hones its skills over eons and are now stepping forward to do battle with the forces that hope to destroy this planets chance of joining the others of the fifth dimension.

Know that will be a target as your light will no longer be shielded, but that your protection will be part of the same light coming now from the Divine in all its glory.

Know you are safe.

Know you are strong.

Know you are up to this task even through some days your mind says otherwise.

I am Archangel Michael your Commander.